There is a business somewhere called CBCS that is violating TCPA and getting away with it. This business, for which I can't get any contact information without disbursing research fees, has been calling my cellphone using automated dialers for weeks. The caller id number is 1-888-547-5354. When I answer the phone, I hear a message saying that someone (Tom, Catherine, or some other first name) wants to contact "John Doe" (name changed to protect that person) and that I need to call back 1-888-547-5354 today.

Note: it is illegal under TCPA to use automated dialing and to use prerecorded voice messages to contact a cellphone number.

I called back a couple of times, trying to get business information so I can attempt a Small Claim litigation. The only information ever given to me over the phone is "CBCS". If I ask more questions, they say "good day to you" and hang up.

Having grown tired of it, I asked them to remove my cellphone number from their system. Hope it will work, because this is annoying.

And, by the way, my cellphone bill records all the calls they made to me, and I have a couple recorded on my voicemail.