Reason #238 why I hate Windows

I'm typing away something important I'm thinking about. Suddenly my laptop grinds to a halt, apps are unresponsive, I can't switch in less than 20 seconds, the disk whirs like crazy. What's going on? It's MCSHIELD.EXE time! Woohoo. What is it, why does it run and when? I don't know the details, except I'm suspecting that it has to do with virus "protection". The freaking thing has me stopping doing work for 10 minutes. Sometimes it's when I boot or login: the first 10 to 15mn the laptop is unusable. Sometimes it's in the middle of the day (10:05 am today).

Why is this happening? Because of an inherently unsafe operating system and so-called productivity suite, that nobody has ever gotten fired for forcing unto unsuspecting office drones.

Well, it looks like it's done, so back to work...


Software I want: stream MP3 from mt-daapd to Airport Express

We don't have a central Linux server at home anymore, both our desktops died of old age (as well as two transatlantic moves and long stays in storage). Instead we have laptops (iBook and PowerBook) and a couple of NSLU2. One of the NSLU2 is simply a Samba file server. The second NSLU2 has been reflashed to use Unslung, and it runs mt-daapd and a few other things. This is good because it frees space on our laptops drives. Most the music lives on the NSLU2 instead on the laptops.
But when we play music with iTunes streaming to an Airport Express, we're using twice the wireless network bandwith. Also, we can't start music and then close the laptop's lid. This is silly.

Instead, I'd like to stream music (mostly MP3) directly from mt-daapd to an Airport Express. I looked around, but couldn't find anything obvious.


Reason #237 why I hate Windows

Every time, every single time I reboot Windows XP, my frigging Start Bar shrinks in width (it's on the left side of the screen) so instead of display the icons like I intended (2 rows of 2), it shows 2 half rows and the "extend me" arrow.

Why, oh why? What's hard in remembering the size of the Start Bar?